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Guest Post: A Wake for Global Village

A guest entry from Zoilus correspondent Erella Ganon about tonight's event at the Lula Lounge in Toronto. - CW

After more than 10 years, CBC radio's Global Village is leaving the air. Jowi Taylor, the peripatetic host will be found along with correspondents and music on other CBC shows and on the CBC websites. The official word is that "world music" doesn't need to be ghettoized in a one-hour format and for that reason, this change is a good thing.

Personally, I question the wisdom of eliminating this popular show. Just the same, I want to make sure people know about this night of music. It is a fantastic opportunity to hear some of these performers live and for free. Because of the venue and circumstance, I expect it to be a jovial celebration. Kiran Ahluwalia sings ghazals and Punjabi folk songs and was one artist that really benefited from the focus Global Village showed her. It could be a chicken/egg scenario, but regardless, it is an intimate setting to hear her. Malagasy Donne Roberts is member of African Guitar Summit and was once the first black person in history to host a one-hour show on MTV Russia. He toured with Ace of Bass and now is a Torontonian. His music has a meandering melody line that permeates every tune in a style I understand indicate his Madagascar origins.

The other acts playing tonight are also great in their own way; each one is particularly unusual to see live. Retro-soul ensemble Mr Something Something will ensure the party groove is maintained all night. With horns blaring and harmonies that recall some 70's African radio hits, They combine elements for a high-energy stage show. Amanda Martinez is a gorgeous Latina singer with an extremely passionate presence.

I've witnessed all of these performers recently. If pressed to think of a collection of artists, originally from elsewhere, who might be able to scare winter away, this would be close to my preferred list. What have you got to lose ... other than a great radio show? - Erella Ganon

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