by carl wilson

Zoobombs, the Gift that Keeps On Giving


If by chance you're like me, didn't get your snout into the smorgasbord of live music last weekend and thus missed the annual stand by the Zoobombs at the Silver Dollar, consider yourself leading a charmed life, because Dan Burke's bringing the Zoobs back for two more shows this week, on Thursday and Friday nights. Deets in the gig guide. All reports were that last week's shows were stupendous as usual.

In other live news, AD/D hosts a couple of 2006's most acclaimed electronic-music makers from Berlin: On Friday, it's Booka Shade at the Mod Club, and next Thursday, it's Ellen Allien at the Social, promoting her new Berlin tour guide/mixtape DVD package. Further info, again, in the gig guide, which should expand to include April listings within the next couple of days.

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the Zoobombs set on saturday at the Comfort zone was insane and lived up to all the hype, and especially everything that Dan Burks has been saying about them all along. It didn't change my life, but was completely fun, exciting and a way different attitude and energy - a huge and well needed clash to the rotation on local indie shows that can get kind of tiring since most bands don't look like they're having too much fun actually playing.

I'll have photos posted at if anyone wants to take a look, also that night with DDmmyyyy, kids on tv and woodhands.

ps- Carl, i've always loved reading your site.

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