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Zoilusian Music Weak


What's that? You say there was some sort of big rock festival in Toronto over the weekend? For various lame reasons of no interest to you, I passed on CMW this year - as I often have, but this year it does feel like I missed some good stuff. Consult Frank, Michael (twice), Eye (four times over, thanks to their new Eye Daily feature), Sucking a Lemon (whose Pipettes photo I stole, above), and exhaustively in Chart, of course.

So what can I tell you? Only that the most overrated band of the festival was certainly Under Byen. Though I did not see them, I have seen them before. And they are lovely, just fine, but contrary to the tone of much of the coverage, they are not the kind of band that is going to rearrange your worldview or cure your fungal infection or do anything but sound like kind of a well-mannered generic Nordic ensemble. They're as if a bunch of first-year Berklee jazz students formed a Bjork tribute group. I do like it when they play the saw, but I love it when anybody plays the saw.

I have offered penance to the rock gods. Also: COMING UP: This week, watch this space as I do not go to South by Southwest!

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson