by carl wilson

It's a Game, It's a Sport, It's an Art: COBRA!

I meant to post this earlier, but better late than never: This afternoon at 2 pm, in the Association of Improvising Musicians of Toronto's ongoing Sunday series, percussionist Joe Sorbara is holding a free, participatory workshop where he'll be teaching people to play John Zorn's Cobra, the most famous of Zorn's "game pieces," compositions he wrote as sets of rules for improvisation. It involves cue cards, hand signals and a lot of hats.

Traditionally the rules of Zorn's games have been preserved as arcane knowledge, unpublished and unexplained to audiences. Here's your chance to slip through the hidden doorway: Sorbara has assembled a group of musicians to play the game but in the process will also be teaching the game to the whole audience, who may then volunteer to play Cobra themselves at future events in the coming months. Bring a compact acoustic instrument and a hat (or headband).

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I missed the workshop but did see a nice show later with Dutton/Oswald on their own and with David Sait and Chris Cawthray. Sunday afternoon is such a great time to listen to live music.

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Damn. I would've gone.

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