by carl wilson

Lighting Up the Tube

Stuff is dizzy bizzy, and it's hard to think of anything but Starbuck. But in her spirit, some kickass-lady clippage: Check this one a friend just forwarded me, of Patti Smith on Kids Are People Too, a program whose title I found kind of embarrassingly inspirational at 9. Her vanguard-poptimist move of singing You Light Up My Life doesn't quite convince, but the Q&A; beforehand with the host and the kids in the studio audience is actually very sweet.

While I'm at it, in the boho-gal-heroes category, here's Rickie Lee Jones, first a rare clip of a TV appearance in the mid-'80s doing a solo piano version of the title track from The Magazine (the studio version is a full-band, multi-vocal-tracked thing, so this is cool if you're a fan) and then in an appearance on the same show recently, promoting her new collaborative project, The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard (based on another writer's street-poem transliterations of Jesus's words... which could easily be titled The Neon Bible, come to think of it, heh). Picture's a little fuzzy, but RLJ is looking good for her age and history, with her double-tambourine hip action and matronly Cyndi Lauper skirt; the album has a nice loose feel, sometimes too much so, and this tune, Falling Up, is one of the more musically satisfying moments thereupon.

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