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(AKA, Best Mountain Goats Interview Ever)

Frankenstein & Igor: The original Alpha Couple?

Gratitude to Frank for pointing me to this John Darnielle interview about horror/monster films. It's all so much smarter and (despite being very much about childhood monster fixations) less puerile than the average rock interview. Reading it, I instantly resolved never to interview musicians about music again. Talk to them about what else matters to them (and of course you need to do a lot of research to figure out what that may be), hook it back into music, and you get revelations. Like this re: Tallahassee:

I think a realistic portrayal of an exploding relationship is more likely to resemble a Hammer Horror film, or a Takashi Miiki dream sequence, than a Robert Altman one.

And especially this one:

I started writing songs for a new album last month, and what should pop up immediately but more monsters in various aspects. I think writing songs is kind of a monstrous activity, really - that when the Frankenstein monster yells at the flames and waves his hands to get them away, he's actually singing a song about the fire. That is how I think of the whole process of writing, kinda.

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