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Joyous Occasions


Veda Hille has been using her blog machine to post tracks from the out-of-print Silver cd, as well as a version of one of her best songs with a seriously kickass band, and a demo of a new one from her yet-to-be-recorded next disc. Gather ye rosebuds.

The big doin's this weekend are of course the Wavelength Seventh Anniversary doin's. (Though the Vandermark 5 show Friday at the Music Gallery should not go unmentioned, either.) Both Now and Eye mark the occasion and detail the proceedings, which include a shitload of great Torontopic music. I'm very rueful that I cannot make it to tonight's panel discussion - please let me know if it's recorded or YouTubed or anything. Meanwhile, happy birthday, WL - the initialism stands for "We Love."

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Carl, I videotaped the panel and all the sets tonight. Eventually it'll be on my site and hopefully the Wavelength site as well.

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