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Most Hilarious P&J; Ballot of 2007

Right here.

Every year Glenn McDonald rates voters by "Critical Alignment," which indicates how close a given critic is to the final results, ie., how closely they mirror the consensus. (He did this earlier for Jackin' Pop.) It's a pretty fun exercise. If you leave out protest votes - which you can spot by their No. 1 votes for Hinder, which is an ILM in-joke - Charles Aaron, who is so old-school I cannot even find an applicable link, is the most typical of all critics, and Tom Ewing, who put Paris Hilton at no. 1, the most atypical. (Toronto's Phil Dellio actually consensed even less, but that's because he only votes for singles, so his ballot's a scratch.) Aaron's the music editor of Spin and Ewing one of the original music bloggers as well as inventor of ILM - so much for Chris Ott's claim that the Internet is increasing conformity.

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To be fair, I come out as the most atypical music critic mostly because I only voted for 3 albums (the only 3 I'd listened to and enjoyed, or in the case of Gwen half-enjoyed, all year). I don't listen to albums really, and haven't played any of the ones I voted for since.

My singles ballot is probably a lot closer to the typical critic's.

Posted by Tom Ewing on February 14, 2007 5:54 AM



Aaron isn't a former anything--he's Spin's music editor.

Posted by Matos W.K. on February 7, 2007 10:11 PM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson