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Nostalgia for Last Week

Very soon I will break this vicious cycle of event-related posts, but here is something I was surprised to discover: Last week's "View Points" discussion between me, Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) and Steve Kado (Blocks/Barcelona Pavilion/Blankket), on YouTube in five parts. (My new theory: In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, and nobody will mention it to them.) Sadly I don't think the 5 videos include the best part, the audience Q&A.; Still, thanks to "royalclovernet" for posting it.

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Half, you may be right about DIY being considered an "elitist" position in the eyes of most pop fans--but why do they think this? How has the discourse been constructed to encourage us to think that a Nelly Furtado song with hooks and glossy production and auto-tune on the vocals that funnels money to corporations is somehow more an authentic voice of the people than some kids who live down the street using the tools available to them and building healthy sustainable economic models?

Also, I think the binary between technical ability and DIY ethics is a false one. Punk taught us to be suspicious of the elevation of technique over actual expression, but they're not necessarily incompatible.

Like, I love Beat Happening, but i can still appreciate a technical marvel like Joanna Newsom or Final Fantasy or Hella.

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On the contrary, Kevin. Steve's rant about the joyful music being played by people who can't play is my definition of the kind of music I prefer myself. It is also, however, an elitist position in the eyes of most pop fans.

Popular music the way I understand it looks for musically sophisticated performance. Technical gloss. Hooks. Melodies. Reproducing the same sounds from performance to performance.

I agree with him that music can be art in the hands of people who care. He just makes me wonder if it really is the only kind of music that's worth the effort.

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Half, as soon as i hear someone use "DIY" and "elitist" in a way where we are to understand that they could be synonymous, it's usually my cue to stop listening--an indication that the speaker has no clue what they're talking about.

DIY is the opposite of elitism. It is pop music--popular, populist, of the people, in the truest sense of the word.

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Normally, I'm a DIY "art music" kind of elitist myself. Most bands that I've ever truly enjoyed weren't into playing their instruments as much as expressing something in a new way. Hearing this position so stridently expressed here has actually opened my heart a little for people and their "pop".

A good musical idea can use some clarity sometimes. Sometimes that clarity can come from an intellectual position, but intellect should never be an obstacle. I think the ultimate goal of good film or music is to elicit an emotional connection.

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