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From the Office of Updates
feat. Rhys Chatham, Owen Pallett,
Steve Kado, Brave New Waves...

Intrapost synergy: Steve Kado as The Blankket, in front of the Brave New Waves logo.

An update on tomorrow (Wed) night's concert in Toronto by NYC/Paris minimalist pioneer Rhys Chatham. (Previously pumped here.) Tickets are $13 adv, $15/door, at the Tranzac at 8 pm, and the roster of local guest players that's been announced includes not only guitarists, as advertised, but a full string section including Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy), Julie Penner (Fembots/sometimes Broken Social Scene & many others), Anne Bourne (prolific local folk-and-new-music cellist), Nick Storring (jazz, improv and more), Rose Bolton (respected local composer) and Mika Posen ( ">Forest City Lovers) on viola. Glenn Milchem (of the Swallows/Blue Rodeo) plays drums. Kevin Lynn (who's played with King Cobb Steelie, Holy Fuck and many others) is on bass. And the guitar heroes include: Colin Fisher, Geordie Haley, Brian Kroeker, Bill Parsons, Matt Rogalsky, Paul Swoger-Ruston and Bill Brovold from Michigan (a Chatham and Glenn Branca veteran best known for his own work with Larval). The concert will consist of Chatham's 1977 composition Guitar Trio, best described as one long crescendo that gets very, very fucking loud. (Godspeed fans, come hear where they ripped that idea from.) The concert will be recorded for release on ">Table of the Elements. Local longtime new-music maverick Eugene Martynec opens with live computer/interactive video music. Why wouldn't you be there?

Speaking of Final Fantasy, an update on the following (Thurs.) night's show at Harbourfront, "View Points: Inside the Musician's Studio," with Owen P., Blocks' Recording Club/Barcelona Pavilion/The Blankket honcho Steve Kado, and yers truly, Zoilus: Contrary to some previous misinformation, including mine, Steve and Owen aren't going to be doing any live music that evening. I tried to convince them to turn the show into a performance by their duo, Internet, in which they act out RPG fantasies while screaming. But to no avail. Instead, we'll just be having a conversation, with each other and the audience, about why they make music and records the way they do - with a little three-way iPod battling to lively up the joint. I may press Owen to explain his theory that you can tell whether a musician is an asshole by the way he or she records drum sounds, or Steve to explain why it's a bad decision to try and make a living from your art. We will preview the newest Blocks releases. We will not talk about the Polaris Prize. We may talk about the Art Bears. There will probably be fighting, and Steve's sure to insult someone in the audience - maybe you!

And finally an update to last week's conversations about the assassination of Canada's most important nighthawk radio show, Brave New Waves: Helen Spitzer continues to collect the news, and links to a recording of the final new episode of BNW as it heads into its rerun denouement, and Michael Barclay writes a lovely obit for the show, to which he's been both lover and husband over the years. My former colleague at Hour in Montreal, Jamie O'Meara, also has a column on the subject, in which he talks to BNW host Patti Schmidt (whose "fuck Toronto" sentiments are entirely apt, for once, in this context, unlike those of, say, that whiney suburban baby from MisShapes). We all join in saying, "We will not hear its likes again."

PS: Update update. I somehow managed to miss the advent of a video for Final Fantasy's This Lamb Sells Condos a month or so ago. In case that happened to you, here it is. The young man who shows up in silhouette late in the song is our friend Sasha. The young lady who shows up sooner is CeCe, Zeesy, whom we don't really know, but is a better shadow-show mime than Sasha. This was directed by Stephanie Comilang and puppeteered by Jamie Shannon, and as Torontoist noted, was shot live, without edits.

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Stephanie's artwork is wonderful in this video.

How'd the talk go last night Carl? Anyone?

Posted by Ryan M on February 2, 2007 4:35 PM



it's Stephanie, one half of the directing team for this video. Props to Sasha (yes, you are clunky but I still like it), Zeesy Powers for her glow, and Carl Wilson for the link-up.

Posted by stephanie on January 31, 2007 8:11 PM



Zeesy was the best in that video, she is an excellent mime. I'm kind of a clunky mime, it's true.

Also, a funny part - watch for where I reach for the bottle and it comes in on the other side and then back around.

That was a really really fun video to make.

Posted by Sasha on January 31, 2007 5:47 PM



Got here via stillepost white rabbit link, whoa, thank you for the Office of Updates. One mini tweak, the $13 Advance Tickets at are avail at Rotate This and Soundscapes. Some advance may exist til gone at Tranzac Wednesday prior to opening. After that $15.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson