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'It's the simple ones that bear the most truth'

I'll leave you for the weekend with this Uncle Tupelo video someone pointed out to me, from a St Louis cable-TV show in 1989. Farrar and Tweedy and drummer Mike Heidorn look so heartstoppingly young here - for the first time, I understand how blown away people must have been by witnessing this act live in its early years, with the wizened voice coming out of this kid Farrar and these tough exacting riffs, so solid and unhesitant, blasting out of the gear he and his schoolboy friends had in their slender hands. No wonder a small but intense camp of fans contended, as I first read on a Knitting Factory bathroom stall in about 1991, that Uncle Tupelo was the best band in America.

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Saw Uncle Tupelo twice back in the day, first as a trio and then a year later augmented by Max Johnston into a quartet. The quartet was fine but the trio show blazed. Roots + NOISE.

I have quibbles with their view of the roots, but I've been trying to cut down my nibbling on the quibbles.

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As someone who purposefully neglected U.T. in the early nineties and who only started to appreciate them by way of my wife who forced me to get of my high horse, I'm reminded how fucking pigheaded I used to be. This confirms that U.T. picked up the torch left by Minutemen/Firehose...nice find. Wilco is a whole 'nother animal now while Farrar has mellowed like a fine wine...misunderstood geniuses is a phrase I most like to use for Tweedy and Farrar...Apples and Oranges are two others. I was a Wilco fan before a Son Volt fan...but now I love both leaders equally but for completely different reasons. Kind of ironic, huh? I saw Son Volt in the nineties and Wilco too...I can't contextualize either's like another planet now.

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I'm reading Greg Kot's "Wilco: Learning How To Die" which also goes into Uncle Tupelo's history as a band, so I really appreciate this video. Great stuff.

And I have this feeling that maybe it was Jeff that wrote in that bathroom stall at The Knitting Factory that Uncle Tupelo were the best band in the world. Or at least it wouldn't surprise me.

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Yeah, all these years later it's easy to forget what a good band UT were from the very beginning. A mix of Creedence and hardcore that no one else has really been able to pull off.

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ah yes, now that's the stuff! brings back some good memories.

most excellent cowbell too!

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson