by carl wilson

Oh, Inverted Indie World

What does 'independent' mean if you're part of an x-hundred-label consortium? I haven't had a chance to research much about this new "Merlin" project, but I wonder how much uniformity it imposes on participating indie labels' licensing approaches. The idea that it is somehow a "fifth major" seems like an extremely dubious parallel (and not a particularly pretty picture), but I'm curious to hear your opinions. Also, I haven't seen a list anywhere of which indies are actually a part of it - including which Canadian labels.

Meanwhile, a case study in whither-"indie"-2007, from the Seattle Weekly, on The Shins and Sub Pop.

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CIRPA will be a member of Merlin, and many Canadian labels will sign up.

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I suppose it all depends on whether or not this new Merlin group allows local and regional labels to continue their own models of business at an arm's length. How immersive and influential will the group be over the rules of distribution? Will it allow Zunior, for example, to keep doing what it does well by itself, or would Merlin try to corner those kinds of sites with business manouvering? Or would it be enticing enough for a label like Zunior to take part in? Not much is clear at this point.

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