by carl wilson

Parkdale Gentrification Confab Update

A reminder that I'm hosting a panel and community discussion on gentrification in Parkdale tonight with panelists Matt Blackett, Misha Glouberman, Craig Peskett, Victor Willis and Margaret Zeidler. Due to anticipated high turnout, the event has been moved: It's no longer at Gallery 1313, but next door at the Parkdale branch of the public library, 1303 Queen W. It starts at 7 pm sharp, and your questions and input will be welcome.

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You HAVE to be kidding me!
Gentrificating parkdale??
Why perpetuate this slum mentality??
I am a young man And I live right at king and dufferin, and I work nights....Walking down the street on the way to work is like walking the gauntlet....crack being blantantly smoked with gusto and hookers pedling there infected wares and all kinds of skum slandering and intimidating the FEW decent folk who live there.

Parkdale used to be world renouned for its spas and decent culture of foward movingness.

Lets bring Parkdale back to the way it was INTENDED to be.

Its time to clean up these streets..NOT perpetuate the SLUM MENTALITY...

Posted by Rob on February 2, 2007 3:00 AM



Can you post a little update on how this went for those of us who couldn't attend, Carl, or direct us to someone else's recap if there is one?

Posted by Jeremy on January 23, 2007 4:35 PM




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