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Knitting Factory: Quit Bitchin', Start Fixin'


Now that all the indie ladies and gentlemen have sharpened up their mad knitting skills, time to put 'em to socially productive use. There are many options, but here's an immediate and local one, from, courtesy of their media czar Ryan Kamstra, whom you ought to know as the man behind - or, actually, in front of - Tomboyfriend.

With the first fallen snow officially powdering u(T.O.)pia, we should be doubly reminded of the state of homelessness in our communities.

Every year people in Toronto freeze to death because they have nowhere to come in from
the cold. In winter 2004-2005 there were 15 extreme-cold-weather warnings in Toronto. While we at streetknit cannot knit shelter for people (yet - we're working on it), we are rousing the knitting communities of Toronto, hobbyists, s'n'b'ers, society yarn-darlings, needle-clackers of all ages and walks of life to provide the next best thing.

We're asking knitters to put needles together and spend some time knitting some warmth into an extra scarf, maybe some toques with affectionate or somber colours, mitts, blankets, socks, even a sweater and see it reach those without home. These can be dropped off at local yarn-knit shops Knit-O-Matic (1378 Bathurst St.), The Naked Sheep (2144 A Queen St. E.) and The Knit Cafe (1050 Queen W.).

Let this year be the year Toronto started knitting herself up a terrible storm, wrapping up our communities fair and beleaguered in one big loving scarf with matching mitt-lets and a toque.

Depending on how many fresh woolly goods this winter drives see, streetknit will be distributing to homeless outreach programs all over the city including Windfall Clothing and Ve'ahavta so far. Need has also been expressed by future friends Scott Mission,St. Francis Table and Out of the Cold. If you are a homelessness service-provider interested in this project, please contact

In the knitting community and want to help? Please post this request to your own blog, list-serve, events group, and forward this request to all your woolly-minded friends. How about organizing your own knitting party for streetknit's winter drive? Need help publicising it or representation on our site? Any Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at

Thank you in advance for your kind wooliness and effort.

Ryan Kamstra (Media/Outreach)
Sadie Lewis (Founder/Director)

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Glad to see that "the new Yoga" trend is still raging.
That's a great idea!!

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