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Alice Doesn't Live Here, On This Plane, Anymore


I've just found out about the death on Friday of Alice Coltrane, the remarkable composer and multi-instrumentalist (and widow of John Coltrane) at the age of 69. Her passing was overshadowed a bit in the jazz world by the passing of Michael Brecker, the popular saxophonist who was an acolyte of John Coltrane's more mainstream side. While Brecker deserves his due - he wasn't just a dull neo-traditionalist, the way some on the leftish side of the jazz spectrum would dismiss him - I'd bet Alice will be better remembered years from now, and it's nice to think that, though 69 is still too young, she lived long enough to see that for herself.

She was for decades treated with some intolerance by the macho jazz world, as kind of the Yoko Ono of bebop - partly because of her spiritual preoccupations, which she and her husband shared in his later years, partly due to her flamboyant personal style, and partly because of the claim she "broke up" 'Trane's classic quartet with McCoy Tyner, which wasn't true. But my sense is that, like Ono in fact, in the past decade she's been rediscovered and lionized in her own right as a distinctive talent.

Tributes and remembrances and some music samples of Alice Coltrane (and sometimes Brecker, too) can be found at the LA Times, Boing Boing, Do the Math, The Left End of the Dial, Bagatellen, Los Amigos de Durutti, ILM, 33/45, BlogCritics, Church Number 9, Destination Out, the Huffington Post, Every Word Means, 22 Over 7, Deeplinking, To Live & Shave in LA, Earfuzz, Hardly Art and Pharoah's Dance.

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The passing of each of these artists (Brecker and Coltrane) is a sad occasion. Have had many hours of appreciation (of different, but still moving sorts) for each of them. Alice's passing is especially cruel, given her recent return in "Translinear Light".

And Michael Brecker was a hard-working giant, sometimes, perhaps, taken for granted.


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