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T-Dot Thrillz: Much Ado About the Weekend

Montreal's The Nymphets.

Besides the can't-miss William Parker Interface concerts this weekend (discussed at length the other day), there's a lot more music'n'kulcha in Toronto the next couple of days - I know I'm going to have to make some tough choices.

Tonight, there is of course the Friends in Bellwoods CD release party at the Tranzac, which has been covered by everybody this week (see the roster in the "top shows" sidebar to your left) and rightly so - a lovely celebration of community with a terrific roster of bands.

But not to be neglected is Dan Burke's "Class of '07" show at the Silver Dollar, with the city's most passionate promoter's picks for ones to watch, including Montreal's Nymphets, who were one of my happiest discoveries this year at Pop Montreal. Zoilussistant Chris Randle's review this week in Eye sums it up well, but I'd add that their recorded charms are easily outstripped by their skinny, twitchy foul-mouthed live show, with charismatic drummer/vocalist Johanna in particular feeling like the kind of grrrl-idol whose face kids are going to want to sketch on their scribblers in future years, a la Kim Gordon. (I'm a bit more dubious about the bass work, but it's a small complaint.) The rest of the bill ain't slouchy either - again, look to your left.

If you crave a non-musical option, I have high hopes for Small Wooden Shoe theatre's Connect the Dots or Dedicated to the Revolutions, Part 2: The Information Revolution, tonight and tomorrow at Buddies in Bad Times. The show's created by many of the ensemble members from Public Recordings' /Dance/Songs/, a performance I spent a lot of breath praising in November. Expect a relaxed and intelligent interaction that discards a lot of the assumptions and obstructions of conventional theatre for a more convivial night out. And it probably won't be entirely without music, either: Check out this very enjoyable ditty about horses and Montreal (mp3) from one of their earlier productions - their site suggests there may be an EP of tunes from SWS shows in the works, a move I always applaud. (I'd certainly like a cd of Eric Craven's pieces from Dance/Songs.) If you can't make it, look forward to the "Gutenberg" chapter of the company's "Revolutions" series at Harbourfront in December March, Reasonable People, Reasonably Disagreeing.

And finally, I'd mention that Brooklyn band The Cause Co-Motion is in Toronto this weekend for two shows, one Saturday night at the Press Club with Montreal's Think About Life and our own beloved Blankket (see yesterday's post) and then again at Wavelength on Sunday at Sneaky Dee's with Think About Life offshoots Dishwasher and Miracle Fortress as well as Michigan's Tyvek. I'm intrigued by the latter's self-description: "The tunes and lyrics are straight outta overgrown abandoned lots and decreipt playgrounds, and there are plenty of strange little bones on the cracked sidewalks to puncture your bike's kevlar tires and brand new tubes. Sonically, Tyvek is inclined to agree with the rough simplicity of groups like Crass and the minimal bashing of early Kleenex or Slits. That's all well and good, but, straight up: it's midwestern blood that flows through these grooves and Tyvek owes a lot to their retarded regional ancestors: the Pagans, Electric Eels, and Rocket from the Tombs, etc."

Those last couple of Cleveland '70s references go straight to my heart, of course, but they're high bars to vault. We'll see! (Speaking of which, word arrived today of a March '07 release for the Unknown Instructors' second album - a band featuring Mike Watt and George Hurley from the Minutemen/fIREHOSE, as well as members of Saccharine Trust, and on this new album, vocals and lyrics by Pere Ubu/Rockets' David Thomas and artist Raymond Pettibon. Now that'd be a tour.)

And that's not everything. For complete listings see the gig guide.

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