by carl wilson

See Me, Hear Me, Feel Me: Events 2 Come


Since Torontoist has brought it up, I might as well too: On Thursday, February 1, I'm hosting the first in Harbourfront's "Inside the Musician's Studio" series, an on-stage conversation with Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) and Steve Kado (Blocks Recording Club as well as The Blankket and The Barcelona Pavilion). All ages, 7 pm, $5. As To'ist said, I'll be James Liptonning it up, and I think the artists will play a tune or two as well. (Is this a good time to tell you that The Blankket's upcoming EP of Springsteen covers, brilliantly titled Be Your Own Boss, is a dream, a rapture, the most fun you can have with a 396, Fuellie heads and a Hurst on the floor? Cuz it is.) If you've got subjects on which you'd like to hear Owen or Steve wax eloquent, send 'em along.

My other public appearance in the near future will be at PLEDC's Where Goes the Neighbourhood? Managing Gentrification in Parkdale, "to discuss, debate and brainstorm how to achieve a socially sustainable neighbourhood." I'll animate a panel with Matthew Blackett (Spacing), Misha Glouberman (Trampoline Hall), Craig Peskett (Parkdale Residents' Association), Victor Willis (Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre) and Margaret Zeidler (Urbanspace Property Group (The Gladstone, 401 Richmond)). That's followed by a Q&A; and some informal discussion groups to talk about the hothouse growth of fancy-dancy shite in the Pee-dale and whether we ought to toss incendiary bombs at it - or if, as Monkey Warfare would suggest, not, then what? It happens the 22nd of January (a week from Monday), 7-9pm at Gallery 1313 (1313 Queen W), and c'est gratuit, with free child care on site.

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A very lame forum badly organized. Last night was all about marginialized tenants and nothing about homeowners, other than a show of hands and no developers or city planners. Paneliest out to save their job and look and sound important. Parkdale Politicians that should have been given panel status, but were made to line-up in Q&A;, rather be give a chance to give a news update

Posted by Don Quixote on January 23, 2007 3:53 PM



I would like you to talk to Steve Kado about failure. I'll elaborate only if asked.

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Could you record it? I know there many Final Fantasy fans hanging about on SHzine hoping for it. I actually checked trains and everything, and can't be there.
I'll be like Sherwin...

Pretty please?

Posted by Ren on January 15, 2007 9:48 PM




That Musician's Sudio thing sounds hottt!
But sadly, I am miles away.

Is there any way you could record it and then post it for the world to benefit on

Pretty please?

Posted by Sherwin on January 15, 2007 7:01 PM



Sorry to miss it-- o gadabout carl...

Posted by Dana on January 12, 2007 11:00 AM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson