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Help Wanted Ad from Rhys Chatham
& Heavy Thinking in Improv

A postscript to my earlier Chatham entry: Ron Gaskin seeks additional guitarist(s) for this gig: "The base touring group will be Rhys on guitar and conducting with David Daniell (San Augustin, Rhys Chatham, Jonathan Kane, etc.) also on guitar. Indigenous players will be a part of this performance, so each city will have 4 different guitarists, a bassist and a drummer, with the possibility of other instrumental additions. An intro/instructional form from Rhys will prepare players. The composition is 40-45 minutes long and not overly complicated. The composer requests approx two hours committment before doors for rehearsal/sound check/set up.Robert Longo slide projections will be shown during the concert. Every show will be recorded for a live album on Table of the Elements."

Contact Ron via roughidea AT rogers DOT com.

Also: The improvimentalist contingent of Zoilusians might be interested in some of the material in the new issue of Critical Studies in Improvisation, notably a roundtable discussion among the directors of the Association of Improvising Musicians, Toronto. There's also an interview with Steve Coleman, and a piece based on a too-weird-not-to-be-true anecdote about a failed 1997 collaboration between Ornette Coleman and Jacques Derrida. Plus some truly unreadable academic writing.

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That Ornette/Derrida anecdote is amazing/wild. I wonder if there is a recording of this somewhere?

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