by carl wilson

An Angel Moves Too Fast to Drool:
The Reveries & Rhys Chatham


Congrats to The Reveries (Eric Chenaux, Doug Tielli and Ryan Driver, recently joined by percussionist Jean Martin) for getting their slobbery-pop-standards music to the cover of the first issue of Eye of 2007. I've been touting their music of, as Driver says in Vish Khanna's accompanying story, "vulnerability, mystification and confusion," for several years and it's nice to see other press take notice. The Reveries launch their Live in Bologna disc tonight (Fri) at the Tranzac, but their planned four-disc box covering Prince, Willie Nelson, Sade and Nick Cave promises to be one of the furthest-out highlights of 2007.

Also in the far-out file, I'm excited to announce that January will be capped this year with a concert in Toronto by eccentric minimalist Rhys Chatham, whose "guitar trio" will be on a 12-city tour in which they'll perform with local guests yet to be announced (a la Jandek, Damo Suzuki or Ariel Pink last year). Chatham, who is kind of the experimental-guitar-composition Ramones to Glenn Branca's Sonic Youth, gets fewer props than many of his '70s NYC peers, but I'm confident it'll be a night to remember: Chatham doesn't get to North America that often lately, as he's been living in France for years. Price and venue remain up in the air - it's currently booked for the Arraymusic studio, as the Music Gallery is unavailable on Wednesday nights, but the mighty Ron Gaskin is still searching for a more spacious place. You can sample cuts on Chatham's MySpace (I'm still amused when musicians of his generation show up there - I'll get used to it, I guess) or listen to part of his Greatest Hit, 1989's An Angel Moves Too Fast to See, in RealAudio courtesy of WFMU. Or watch this video from Arte in France (it's in French but Chatham speaks in English about, among other things, listening to his refrigerator and sticking his finger in electric sockets). If you're talking about records to watch for in 2007, Chatham's upcoming 400-guitar-strong Crimson Grail on Table of the Elements is another one for the roster.

(Speaking of which, this week's Now has a fine set of contenders, including 79-year-old country legend Charlie Louvin.)

In case you doubt my description of Rhys as "eccentric," above, here's the kind of thing he's been uploading to YouTube lately. If anyone has a copy of his late-eighties interview with Option magazine they can send me, one of the most marvelously nutters conversations I've ever read (I think it mostly had to do with tantric masturbation and deafness), please get in touch!

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