by carl wilson

Masters of their Domains

There's a nice piece in The Globe today about my friends Emily Schultz and Brian Joseph Davis's apartment gallery (where I gave my "Make Your Own Bad Band" talk-shop) and other examples of in-home art spaces created in Toronto, private spaces turned into hybrid public ones. I like the way that Brian and Emily talk about their year-long experiment - that it's not as much for its own sake as to help provide a model that other people might take up.

As a toast to them, I offer the following celebration of domesticity, a 1960s Scopitone of an answer song to Roger Miller's hit King of the Road, by Jody Miller (no relation so far as I know). I've been in a video-posting mood lately (is it the holidays?) and this is, as my friend Matt said when he pointed it out, the best video ever.

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Well, nobody seems to have really commented on it, but that video is truly awesome. On so many levels.

Posted by David on December 23, 2006 6:32 PM



It's not a big production, and not even the whole song, but here's live video of Peggy Lee doing the Leiber-Stoller "I'm a Woman," their answer song to the Bo Diddley-Muddy Waters "I'm a Man."

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson