by carl wilson

T-Dot Thrillz: Make Out With Tomboyfriend Tonight

A quick but fervent reminder that tonight is the one-and-only performance of The December Show: Big in Afghanistan, the sequel to 2004's fondly recollected The November Show choreographed by Margaux Williamson with music by Ryan Kamstra, now reincarnated by Margaux Williamson with Ryan Kamstra's band Tomboyfriend, whose Wavelength debut last month was much discussed on this here blog. It's described as "a fun, poetic, ghoulish, plotless little rock show that flies like the Bob Hope Show in reverse."

A rough video preview of one of the numbers, in unplugged form, below. (Patience - it takes 30 seconds or so to get going.) It's at Buddies in Bad Times at 9 pm, $8; Ulysses Castellanos, whom you might know from his heavy-metal "ghost of Yorkville" street performance during Nuit Blanche, opens.

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