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'Dark Things Will Happen to Them Anyway'

Stephen Merritt on an Atlanta morning show last month, promoting the Lemony Snicket tie-in album, and not exactly happy to be there:

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It's also that it's such a misguided choice of venues in the first place: Who is likely to buy the record that watches Fox morning TV in Atlanta? Though Col Tom's remark is in good old-fashioned showbiz spirit, remember too that it was probably 7 in the morning or something like that. It's no wonder Merritt seems a little out of it; if it had been me I doubt I'd have made it to the studio at all!

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How in the hell can one go on TV and play solo ukulele and NOT be chipper? That's my question. I miss Tiny Tim.

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I invite any of us to play a song, on solo ukelele, on a Fox station and try and be chipper about the whole thing.

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If I were giving interpretation prizes, they would go to Daniel. That's what I was thinking when I posted it, too. To be fair to Merritt, this is the kind of experience musicians and authors and others go through constantly on publicity tours - the publisher or record company pressures you to do it, then you get someplace and are interviewed by people who have no clue who you are. Most of us don't see it, so we underestimate how demoralizing an experience it is. But the only sane response is to have a sense of humour and perspective about it, and there Merritt fails miserably, in every sense of the word.

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That's precisely what's so great about this clip: no one escapes with dignity. If the interviewer "were just doing his job", he would have guaged Merritt's drab (though kind of funny) character in the pre-interview, and consequently not come across as such an overeager twat. Conversely, Merritt's "I'm above this" attitude is cheapened by his mere presence. No dignity anywhere!

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My reaction: Merritt is a great big fucking asshole. Sure, the interviewer is cheesy; and sure, the aesthetics of "news" "magazine" shows of this type are tacky and annoying. But, I mean, the poor TV host is just trying to do his job. Are we supposed to be impressed by how too-cool Merritt is? Woweee.

He is a great songwriter, though.

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I love how apt the content of the song is, considering the jowly little scowl he's got on the whole time.

And the way the camera work gets totally outrageous halfway through when the guy operating it realizes how completely boring the performance must look.

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"Is that right? I would have never guessed that!" LOL

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Stephen Merritt can hate it all he wants- he chose to do this to himself. The least he can do is suck it up, being fully aware of 45+ years of this sort of public appearance by musicians.

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Wow. A pretty good snapshot of how crazy and mysterious the current state of indie music marketing is- thanks for posting. Can we expect an M. Ward appearance on CSI soon?

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Stephin said, of doing this tour, "It was terrible. I never realized how boring children truly are."

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that may well be my favourite television interview clip since crispin glover on letterman. the tepid applause at the end, underscoring the saddest sad sack face ever, is priceless.
by any chance, is this the same atlanta station that borat skewered?

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well, that made my day.

thanks for posting this.


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wow... i just noticed that that was the title of the post. oops

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"something dark will happen to them anyway..."

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