by carl wilson

For Those Who Watch the Mountain Goats
Like a Soap Opera

Rachel Ware and John Darnielle, The Mountain Goats, at Pitzer College on Saturday.
Photo © Chris Bellew, 2006.

Many Short Posts Day continues. I couldn't let this event pass without being noted: This weekend at his alma mater Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif., John Darnielle aka The Mountain Goats did a semi-secret surprise show in the Gold Student Center, with a couple hundred people in attendance. The setlist was pretty extraordinary, ranging across the whole Mtn Goats history - he opened with I've Got the Sex and encored with one of my most beloved never-recorded Goats songs, My Favorite Things. (I can't resist quoting the lyrics: "Champagne bubbled up through the neck of the bottle/ Sweet sounds came out from the radio/ It was John Collll-trane/ Goddammit!/ I love John Coltrane!/ You danced across the living-room floor/ You kissed me once and then you kissed me some more/ You had your arms around my neck and it felt real fine/ And then your ankle knocked up against mine/ And resonated in my bones/ Like the precise crisp drumming of Mr. Elvin Jones/ Goddammit! I love John Coltrane!")

The newsworthy part is that for six songs in the set, he was joined by ex-Mountain Goat (and ex-cetera) Rachel Ware - the former Peter Hughes, if you will. As far as I know, Darnielle and Ware haven't played together in public anywhere since 1995, so it's heartwarming to hear of the reunion. He reportedly said that he'd like to make the homecoming show an annual event to the gathered students and fans, who then ran home to get bootlegs up on the Internet.

PS: John D. picks a fistful of albums on the theme of "escapism" on Emusic.

PPS: Later, the same person who took the above photo put some videos of the show up on YouTube. They are a blast to watch.

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Sorry, dumb question. Thanks for the bootleg link, this site is amazing!

Posted by Saelan on December 6, 2006 6:02 PM



Where could a person hear a version of "My Favourite Things"? Live bootlegs only?

Posted by Saelan on December 6, 2006 5:07 PM



One more sign that Peter is not long for the band. (BTW: Have you seen the announcement of the Australia tour...?)

Posted by Jack on December 6, 2006 12:50 AM



Lucky punks.

Posted by z.h. on December 4, 2006 11:22 PM




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