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Top Tens (& a Record that Won't Make Them)


I had a lengthy list of subjects to get to today, and the sun goes down before I've half cracked it.

Frank Chromewaves, on the other hand, the blogscape's leading early riser, beats the rooster to the crowing once again, by posting his 2006 top 10 list before December's even showered or brushed its teeth. Happy to see Neko Case on there, and I had just put aside those Land of Talk and Early Day Miners cd's last night for a revisitation. Extra points for nifty baseball-card graphics of his picks.

Via an ad on Frank's site, I just learned that there's a new Residents album, with the aptly repulsive name of Tweedles, and even more repulsive cover art (see above). Someday, when the judge asks my mom, "How did this boy go so wrong?", part of the answer will be, "He was exposed to the Residents at a dangerously impressionable age." MuchMusic used to run Residents videos in its early days, presumably just because in the mid-80s there weren't enough normal pop videos available to run. (Some of those videos are now in the collection of the MoMA.)

Jandek gets a lot of play for his supposed anonymity, but we actually know a lot more about him than we do about the Residents, who may or may not be the same Residents who began their unsentimental journey more than 30 years ago. Most of the Residents music of the last decade or so that I've heard hasn't been especially compelling, but I will always stump for their '70s and '80s sounds and vision - the ethnografaux Eskimo, the mash-ups-avant-le-lettre of Third Reich'n'Roll, the one-minute-ditties of The Commercial Album, and on and on. The backstory of the new one, if remotely true, is intriguing: A rich fan in Romania flew them over to record in his studio, and they incorporated local street musicians, a travelling circus, and the Film Orchestra of Bucharest into the proceedings - which concern a sexually predatory clown, as the album graphic hints.

I am banally amused to discover there is a Residents MySpace. Banally, because I shouldn't be surprised. For a group that proceeds artistically about as uncommercially as possible, they've never missed any means to make a buck.

Here's the video that especially brainsmacked me in adolescence: Hello, Skinny.

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That was my first taste of them as well on a disc called Duck Stab on one side and Buster and Glen on the other. This song was right up there with my favourite, Constantinople, but I never saw this video. Cheeeeezy!

Posted by Half on December 4, 2006 11:27 PM



ah, mister skinny.
It scared the shit out of me. I thought you guys were all nuts.

Posted by Dixon on December 4, 2006 10:15 PM




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