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T-Dot Thrillz: This Weekend in the Rec Dept.

Two Zoilusian events going on this weekend: First the aforementioned Centre for Culture & Leisure event tonight at 8 pm sharp, where I am opening the set for Barcelona Pavilion. This will be an interactive "talkshop." If you're coming you're invited to bring "little instruments," as the Art Ensemble of Chicago used to say, i.e., toys and noisemaking junk. Some will be on hand but if you have them to bring, it would be a boost. (Be prepared to share.) It's going to be fun, I think, and even if I suck, Barcelona Pavilion will rule, so it's a no-lose proposition.

Second, I will be on a panel at the Power Plant on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. Here's the dish:

Sunday 3 December, 2 pm
Panel Discussion: "Uber-Cool at the Record Store"

Toronto's record stores knit together the city's music and artistic communities, functioning in a similar way to the artists' bars and nightclubs of 1980s Cologne. Globe and Mail music columnist and Zolius blogger Carl Wilson, Soundscapes record store buyer Jason Copplestone, and other notable guests give us an insider's look at concepts of community, collectivity and coolness at Toronto's record shops.

Does that claim about record stores (and, ugh, "coolness") seem as off-base to you as it does to me? Come and we'll twist it into some more usable tool. The event's had near zero publicity - I forgot about it myself till a few days ago! - so it'd be nice if you showed up to hang.

Sorry, that event's been cancelled.

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Perfect - now you can come to Making Room!! :)

Posted by Megan on December 3, 2006 9:19 AM



Doesn't that mean you also have to cut the 'z'?

Posted by Dixon on December 2, 2006 9:01 PM



I have certainly found that Kim at Penguin and John at Wild East have been excellent sounding boards for ideas about music. Does that make them my community? Not really, but it's the closest I've come at a record store since the days of the Peddler or the Jazz and Blues Centre when they were on Yonge

Posted by Half on December 1, 2006 5:38 PM




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