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I will be talking and leading some perverse group ritual yet to be invented. The theme will be something related to bad bands and participatory culture, unless some other whim strikes me. The Barcelona Pavilion will be serving as exhibit A. It will not go very late.

Man, my name looks so boring on a poster.

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i'll second that -- reprisal? theatre gargantua's got my friday eve booked, though the combination of you/bp/cfc&l; will have my heartstrings tugging for parkdale.

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i really wish i could go to this. but i will be at a talent party in a friend's living room. my roommate and i are creating a "piece" that melds together a kate bush song and a tori amos song. dressed in leotards and each playing a role (her tori, i kate) we will lip synch, sing over, and bring to life the tinkling tubular bells action of both lovely ladies. too bad we don't have a blonde, cause then we could include joanna newsom.

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damn, this seems cool. do it again sometime (or something else similarly new and cool!)

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Though I didn't come up with the Bad Bands as a concept, I did write the (oft-contentious) Manifesto, I have to say - I agree with Scott about the connection (philosophical / ethical / conceptual) to free improv, and I actually find it quite curious how rarely that is brought up. I have yet to fully articulate my view of it either, but perhaps after Friday's participatory experiment we can have some more fruitful discussion on the subject.

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ah, Carl, how i'd love to be there.

your descrip 'minds me of Andre Gregory's discussion of Grotowski's beehives in "My Dinner With . . . " . . . and I suspect you got some Grotowski going on in your background.

the moment, it is for seizing, no? and then when you seize it, grab it, grasp it, clasp it, cleave it to your bosom, what is it there?

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I'd love to hear what you have to say on Friday, Carl, but sadly I'll be out of town. From what I know of Bad Bands and their Manifesto, the musicians share an ethic with Toronto's 'free' improvising musicians. It's a connection that, to my mind, has yet be articulated clearly enough (or, if I happen to be wrong, disproved). I'm curious about what you make of this.

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"Man, my name looks so boring on a poster."

Not true, it is the stem on which the chalice of Barcelona Pavilion sits. Quite well formed and compact.

thanks for the tomboyfriend reportage... glad to be up to date from afar (although will see the unfair comparison band tomorrow night).

Chris K.

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