by carl wilson

Swan Diving in Canuckistan


He must have told me, but somehow it evaporated in the brainpan that music writer Michael Barclay (of Exclaim and other publications/broadcasts) had started bloggifying on Radio Free Canuckistan. Mostly he's been publishing transcripts of interviews, which is a fine way to use the medium, and in the past few days he's posted chats with all three principals in Swan Lake - the three terrors outta Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown and Destroyer, three of the better songwriters anywhere, let alone in Canada. (Two-thirds of whom you see above.) You probably know that their album Beast Moans is being released tomorrow, but I guarantee you'll know a lot more about it after you read Barclay's smart discussions with the three tricksters, which will be the basis of a Swan Lake feature in an Exclaim yet to come. Previous Barclaytalks on the site include interviews re: Final Fantasy, Torontopia and Bad Bands, so many Zoilus readers should go hang out in his blog-yard.

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