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And You Can Call Me 'Bitsy Teacup'


I may not be much on-site the next few days due to a hectic workweek, though I'll check in when I can. A bit of news meanwhile: Eric Warner is bringing recently married and pseudonym-happy couple Avey Tare (David Portner of Animal Collective) and Kria Brekken (Kristin Anna Valtysdottir, ex-of Icelandic band Mum, with whom she's been credited as "Doctess") to play a set at Sneaky Dee's on Nov. 30, along with locals Nifty (Matt Smith) and Tradition (James Klassen). There's a fine live recording of the pair's spooning harmonies and baby-talk poetry here on Alias Pail.

And in less localized events, note that Pere Ubu is appearing this week on Chicago critics Jim Derogatis and Greg Kott's weekly rock-talk show Sound Opinions, broadcast this weekend on various NPR stations and also available as a podcast. One fine day when things are quieter I'll get around to a proper diiscussion of the new Ubu album, Why I Hate Women, which hasn't gotten its fair share of attention but, when it has, like most new Ubu albums in recent years, also has been a bit occluded by overgeneralized praise.

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Look forward to your thoughts on the new Pere Ubu album. I remember you were banging the drum for it pre-release and was surprised that you went mum (or maybe I missed something?) once the thing actually hit the shelves. Were you disappointed after the hype on their site about it being their best release since... forever?

Personally I've been a bit underwhelmed by their last few albums. They're hardly bad, just undercooked. The production is murky and Thomas's geographic rants seem to flower more fully on his solo joints with the 2 Pale Boys and in concert. Maybe it's also that many other groups have caught up to what made the band feel experimental in the 70s and Ubu now sounds less fresh as a result, more like their recent work is skillful variation on treading water. But then I haven't heard the new one yet...

Thanks for the great site.


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