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So, that "footnote" on methodology generated a long discussion while the substantive post it was meant to contextualize drew zero response? Confusing.

Enough complaining though. Here are a couple of terrific music-blog projects going on at the moment: Locust Street celebrates its anniversary by delving into history with "100 Years (in Ten Jumps)." Living in Stereo is marking "Chuck Berry Week." On Largehearted Boy, the excellent writer Brian Evenson provides a mixtape tracklist to accompany his new novel, The Open Curtain, a Mormon-themed book described as "Big Love without the love."

And over on Woebot, Matt provides the perfect answer to those Pop Montreal participants (naming no names) with whom I had this conversation: Person X: "My new roommate is majoring in 'electro-acoustic' music. Whatever that means." Persons Y, Z: "Wha' huh?" Me: "Blah blah blah." Person X: "Huh. Well, he's good at fixing computers. We have free wireless and Skype!" Matt's post on Nonesuch electronica should help clear things up.

Meanwhile on Zoilus itself, updates are finally planned this weekend for the Links page and Gig Guide pages. Sorry for the poor maintenance of the past couple of months.

I also wanted to mention that the Red Guitar jazz cafe in Toronto is closing this weekend, another shudder in what's been a very unstable 15 months or so on the local jazz scene. There's a silver lining in this case, at least: The club will continue as a live-music venue under the name The Central, under new ownership. The Central says that "it will continue on Corry [Sobol]'s legacy as a music venue, while integrating a full menu focusing on organic fusion cuisine." What's unclear is what kind of music will go along with the food (organic fusion... hmm, so more jam bands?). The Red Guitar provided a low-budget but admirably diverse bill of fare, from the avant-garde to vocal standards to folk nights. This change doesn't come as a surprise, as Sobol made it clear a couple of months ago that she would have to sell. Thanks to her and sometimes booker Tim Posgate for a lively year-and-a-half.

Shapes of things to come: I'm going to see Randy Newman tomorrow night, so we'll get to revisit this conversation.

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It's been gnawing at me lately that both jazz and jam bands share an emphasis on improvisation and soloing as a common denominator, and yet there's so much tall-forehead attitude from jazz lovers towards jam bands. How much great music in so many different genres DOESN'T owe itself to the spirit of "jamming" at least to a certain extent? And it's not as though top-notch jam bands don't have their compositional chops, too.

On that note, I invite anyone whose tastes range from metal to rock to funk to electronica to jazz to have a listen to The Jimmy Swift Band from Halifax who were at the Horseshoe last Friday night. These guys could be the last hope for peace in our times betwixt jazz and jam.

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it's the Tiny Tim echo in the title to the latter post that got people revved up, maybe.

seriously -- 2 things --

1) politics; it's nice to have a discussion on a blog that won't attract HUNDREDS of comments and drown out any one's individual sense.

2) the latter post was more generalized -- big issues -- "indie" and so on. I don't know anything about Matmos. though your post made me want to know about them!

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