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InterXAvantPoetryBusFace 2 (T-Dot Thrillz 4.5)


I'd expected to get back to you sooner but overnight my tech-helper Bill and I switched the site over to the newer-and-shinier version of MovableType, which should help deal with the deluge of commentspam as we get the hang of it. So time got burned up on maintenance. So this is a very last-minute continuation to tell you about tonight's Tony Conrad and Poetry Bus events.

The Poetry Bus, to quote the organizers, "is the biggest literary event of 2006 and the most ambitious poetry tour ever attempted." It's sponsored by the excellent Seattle-based independent press Wave Books, and hitting 50 cities in 50 days. In a bus. Literally. It says POETRY BUS in big letters on the side. It pulls up at Toronto's Stone's Place in Parkdale at 7 pm tonight, bringing us Canadian and American poets Joshua Beckman, Matthew Zapruder, Typing Explosion, Kate Hall, Monica Fambrough, George Murray, Monica Youn, Kevin Connolly, Ken Babstock, Travis Nichol and Betsy Wheeler, thanks to the efforts of Eye weekly's arts editor Damian Rogers. (Oh look, The Believer has more.)

It seems that Pier Giorgio di Cicco, Toronto's current poet laureate, had predicted all this in 1978.

Meanwhile, in the X Avant series at the Music Gallery, the great Tony Conrad makes his long-awaited appearance tonight. I was very surprised that none of the press covered Conrad's first visit, as far as I can tell, since 1996 (scroll down, the capsule on Conrad in that article is quite good). One of the early innovators in minimalism, associate of John Cale in the original Dream Syndicate, and later of Faust, experimental filmmaker of The Flicker fame, the guy who gave The Velvet Underground their name, Conrad lives just across the border in Buffalo, where he's an academic now by trade. Brooklyn Vegan had a good roundup of links last year, Table of Elements has quotable quotes in this extensive press kit and to my shock there's even a MySpace site - no, wait, two! But the best source is his own site, linked in the first paragraph, a wonderland of tangled threads in which to wander.

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When you don't blog I fret. Where for art thou Carl? Wish the bus was coming to Ottawa. Talk about poetry in motion.

Posted by Lory on September 28, 2006 10:32 AM



i'm quite sure tony conrad played montreal at least once in the last three years.

Posted by barclay on September 25, 2006 11:33 AM




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