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I'd Tell You About the Jandek Show
But I'm Still Thinking About It, So, First:
All-Ages Issues

Blazin' post from Spitz about the indie scene and family-friendliness, in ref. to what everyone says was a fantastic Henri Faberge & the Adorables picnic in Toronto this weekend, which was not all ages despite being an all-day show and largely outdoors. To their credit, the organizers are apologetic - the venue wasn't flexible on this point. But the broader notion that having a family shouldn't mean exile from independent culture is vital. My experience is that nearly the only people in the big cities who don't end up dropping out of the scene after having kids are fairly well-established musicians or critics. (Sometimes people show up again as their kids get older, but most people just fall out of touch with what's happening.) Not in Guelph, as Helen notes. What's it like where you are? It's an easy problem to address if we want to. It's not that all shows should be kid-friendly, not at all. There should be adult content and adult pleasure; indie kids are already too gung-ho about infantilizing themselves. But the range of events could be much wider (scroll down - more about Darren's "Ballroom Dancing" all-night children's event later this week). Unless the point of the scene is less about collective creativity than it is about opportunities to get wasted.

Speaking of age diverse, the interview in the new edition of Yeti magazine between Destroyer (Dan Bejar) and an eight-year-old fan named Joshua is fantastic. Sample:

[Joshua has asked Dan to name his favourite movie].
Destroyer. I own a copy of Lord of the Rings. I don't own a lot of movies.
Joshua. You know what? It's good, but cruel.
Destroyer. It's good, but cruel, yeah! It is good and cruel, you're right.
Joshua. Especially the first one, with, what are they called? The orcs? The orcs cut off each other's heads.
Destroyer. Yeah, the orcs tear each other apart, that's part of their problem.
Joshua. Yeah.
Destroyer. They're pretty mean to other people as well.
Joshua. What are you working on for your band?
Destroyer. Nothing! We're going to play a couple of shows -
Joshua. That sounds like fun.
Destroyer. Yeah, it could be okay. (Joshua laughs.) We'll see. (Joshua fakes laughter.) Then we're going to take a big break, be kind of lazy.
Joshua. What would you rather do, play in a band, or take a break?
Destroyer. I love taking breaks. But not if you have to be perpetually on breaks.
Joshua. It can be both type of breaks, if you want to steal someone's brakes, or if you actually do want to take breaks.
Destroyer. Yeah, I'm not sure I understand the question. Back it up.
Joshua. I did back it up.
Destroyer. Okay, I'm going to say that I'd rather play in a band than be on breaks forever.
Joshua. No, not forever - like, five hours.
Destroyer. Like, five hours? Then break, no doubt about it!
Joshua. Like, a million hours.
Destroyer. A million hours? Band.
Joshua. Infinity. (He mutters under his breath: "say music, say music.")
Destroyer. I'm going to have to say, music.
Joshua. Yes!

There's, like, 11 pages of this.

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Point about all ages shows well taken. I've had to hide the fact that I'm seeing Joanna Newsom next week because my two kids, boys ages 7 and 3, have been asking to see her live ever since they glommed on to the Milk Eyed Mender this summer. It was interesting to me that the initial repulsion so many adults seem to feel upon first hearing her voice was non-existent for my kids. My older son, who is high-functioning autistic and intensely moved by music, asked if she was a little gir or a very tiny person. And may I add that for pure entertainment nothing beat watching them take turns belting out her songs while they jumped on a trampoline at our cottage this summer while I threw back vodka tonics. All to say, of course, that I'd pay a lot of money for them to have the opportunity to be fully immersed in one of her live performances. And really, why the hell shouldn't kids be allowed access to more sophisticated, albeit appropriate musical offerings? It's not like they'll be requesting Wheels on the Bus at the show, after all.

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Hey, Carl. Don't think too long. I'm still waiting for your Guelph post(s)! :-)

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Yeah, I picked up the Yeti at Rotate This in Toronto.

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There was a skatepunk magazine back in the 80s/90s that had interviews done by 8 year-olds. I forget the name of the magazine, though. I do remember that this one 7 year old girl asked Chixdiggit what the first song they wrote was. They tactfully said "I Wanna Hug You" (instead of "I Wanna Hump You").

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