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Bejariana Update: Hello, Hello Blue Roses

The Hello Blue Roses duo seen through mists of uncertainty.

Quinn at From Blown Speakers has a little reference to an upcoming show by Hello Blue Roses, which is a sideproject of Destroyer's Dan Bejar with Sydney Vermont (who's also Dan's romantic partner, and did the art for the cover of Your Blues as well as various Destroyer T-shirtage and so forth). I've been meaning to put up a link to their Myspace site for awhile, but wasn't sure how active the project is - but with the show happening next week in Vancouver, opening for Rodney Graham, I guess it's active. On the Myspace, as is customary, you can hear a song. It's a little bit Destroyer-meets-Kate-Bush, no?

To recap some of the Destroyer-related obscure and/or defunct things you may not have known about (besides Swan Lake, of course): There's the The Mark Szabo Songbook and Points Gray (the band formerly known as "A.I.D.S."), whose stuff is supposed to be reissued on CD-R any minute now. Of course, Dan has also been in The Battles and Vancouver Nights, and there are frequent rumours of Bonaparte, featuring Dan, Sydney and members of The Battles, but no signs yet of the promised recordings. Likewise with Brown Discharge, with Tim Midgett of Silkworm. Sydney's also in The Choir Practice, and is a visual/video artist and curator. Did I miss anything? (I assume you know about the Yeti comp.)

Also, if anyone was wondering, the play All Our Happy Days Are Stupid, by Sheila Heti with songs by Dan Bejar, which was supposed to be staged this year, has been cancelled and is unlikely ever to resurface, sadly. Most of the songs wound up on Your Blues in any case, but someday, if Dan & Sheila give their blessing, I'll share a couple of the demos.

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