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Newsom as the News

As Chromewaves has mentioned, Zoilusian superfavourite Joanna Newsom is playing the Mod Club in Toronto on Oct. 4 - not an ideal venue, but probably the right size. However, I think that I'll be seeing her at Pop Montreal instead. These are Newsom's first performances in Canada ever. Her new album Ys comes out in November. You can count the number of tracks on the fingers of one hand, but they're all extended suites (I've heard live renditions of several, which sound extraordinary - Only Skin is already one of the best songs of the year - and with Van Dyke Parks arranging they can only get better), so it will be a very different album than The Milk-Eyed Mender. I'm busily trying to arrange an interview for a Globe feature, but the Drag City folks say she's reticent. Cross your hearts and fingers (that's a P5K reference by the way [scroll down for my contribution to that page]). Interestingly, new-folk godmother Vashti Bunyan is playing Harbourfront the night before - I wonder if there will be some collaborative crossover at one show or the other.

Hmm, how to finish this off? Well, here are a couple of live Newsom videos on YouTube; in the first she plays The Book of Right-On on Jools Holland, and in the second Swansea in an unexplained context. There's also a nice concert/interview video.

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for what it's worth 2 weeks ago at Mod Club for Paul Kelly solo with Oh Susanna opening they had tables and chairs in the front half of the room.

Posted by Chris on August 21, 2006 2:28 PM



At least, this time, I know where the Mod Club isn't.

Posted by Half on August 18, 2006 7:02 PM




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