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Drew Daniel and MC Schmidt of Matmos.

The Music Gallery, as if it weren't doing enough by bringing us Tony Conrad and (in partnership with AIMToronto) Joe McPhee this fall, announces a two-night stand by Matmos, Oct. 8 and 9 (supported by the So Percussion quartet). The San Francisco sound-bricolage duo, best known as collaborators with Bjork, most recently released The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of the Beast, which is very high on my list of favourite record this year.

(And while I've never met his partner MC Schmidt, Matmos's Drew Daniel is also high on the list of my favourite people ever: Go-go-dancing-boy, ex-punk, Renaissance scholar, musician, critic, nerd, dandy and wit. We gotsta throw them an after-gala, right, Toronto? Or two!)

Check out the Brainwashed page on The Rose Has Teeth... for enriching notes on the subjects and methodology of the album - such as the tale of the author of (among much else) the Ripley books repeatedly smuggling her pets, live snails, into France, by tucking them under her breasts. Thus the track Snail and Lasers for Patricia Highsmith. Which actually was recorded with snails. And lasers. No joke. (Well, joke too, of course.)

Speaking of conceptual-art electronic-beats projects, please also read the pieces today in Now and in Eye about Ultra-red from L.A., their sound project happening at the AGO on Monday as part of the current AIDS conference, and the associated compilation A Silence Broken, which includes a contribution from Drew in his Soft Pink Truth guise as well as Toronto's Andrew Zealley (as "PSBeuys") and Montreal's Lesbians on Ecstasy, which will be toasted in an event tomorrow night at the Beaver on Queen W. (See the gig guide.)

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