by carl wilson

Cyber-Rap: The Plot, Like the Waistline, Thickens

The latest exhibit in the DJ Cyber-Rap whodunnit, as introduced into evidence by the esteemed Laura B. in this morning's comments section:

(FYI, DJ Cyber-Rap's Guess Who's Back will be featured tomorrow in my "Essential Tracks" column in der Globe.)

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Of course, but it does elaborate the character out a bit, and all the product-placement and movie ripoff stuff is funny. It's too bad it's not for a better song - not one of my favourite Cyber-Rap joints.

Posted by zoilus on August 12, 2006 12:21 PM



Sorry, video doesn't make him seem real. In the intro the lines are clearly out of sync with the actor's lip movements, and later on they even make a joke out of him being unable to keep up with the lines he's supposed to be reading. Notice how he's always looking down and to the right? That's why we use teleprompters on TV!

...or was it done on purpose to make him seem fake?! DAMMIT!

Posted by D on August 11, 2006 8:41 AM




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