by carl wilson

It's Ridiculous! But We Love It!

Garbage!Violence!Enthusiasm! at Sneaky Dee's on Sunday, photo by Suckingalemon.

Still recovering from Sunday night's sweat-drenched, fluffy-animal-dismembering Wavelength show. It had one of my absolute favourite local groups, Garbage!Violence!Enthusiasm!, doing my favourite set ever - more dynamic volume contrasts! funnier props! adorably ill-fitting pyjamas topped with motorcycle helmets! I meant it when I hit you and I hit you when I meant to!/ It's ridiculous! But we love it. Sexy, playful, boundary-poking (if not quite pushing) and in a mode that is neither indie-introspective nor swishy-la-la we're-a-dance-band. Bands that invent their own genres: Playfight rock! Respect that. And then, after not having seen them for a year or so, I was shocked to find the highly road-tempered Jon Rae & the River "suddenly" having transformed into a 2K-indie million-watt version of The Band (country-gospel-rock through the prism of a Canadian, mildly ironic distance - the equation adds up). I used to think of them as the Canadian country-gospel version of the Pogues (the kind of band that instead of bringing its own soundperson, should bring its own bartender), but now you have to add in Levon Helm and maybe Janis Joplin to grok the whole sound. Besides alcohol, the songs dwell primarily on two, maybe three subjects: Jesus, death and fucking. But with no smarmy psuedo-punk sarcasm. No regressive indie childishness. Youthful but adult, shy people wanting not to reify their shyness but to escape it with loud drumming, choral singing and Popcorn-style analog-synth solos. What to say but, "Swoon!"

The club stretched the limits of their capacity to justify our love, and current Wavelength booker Kevin Parnell has to be showered in flowers for an evening that pretty much put to rest any worries I had that the local scene was, perhaps, flagging a bit in its convictions and vitality. Kevin, who is also known as Aperture Enzyme, also advises that he has new-old Les Mouches and Final Fantasy videos up on his site, including never-released Les Mouches songs. Sweet. Bitter. Sweet.

And now I am conflicted about whether to devote the upcoming long-weekend to the Murder City Music Festival in my belovedly dilapidated hometown - The Blow! Hidden Cameras! The Bicycles! Jon-Rae (see above)! - or to stick to the T-dot for the more exotic sounds of the Bummer in the Summer fest, with an absurdly plentiful banquet of noise and improv and avant-whatsit, by seemingly dozens of ensembles through the weekend at the Tranzac. (See the gig guide.) Whichever I do, though, I'm going to try to attend the depths-of-night sacramental gathering in the park on Thursday night, which rings in the festivities. Check the constructivist flyer:


Meanwhile, want Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras to go on a picnic with you? Want Gonzales to brainwash you and fix your life? Want Darren O'Donnell to direct you in an art video? Want used underwear from Peaches? Want K-Os to DJ your house party? Want Sook-Yin Lee to purge your home of evil spirits? Want Margaux Williamson to infest the evil spirits back again, by painting a mural on your property? Then you must check out the beautiful and completely insane Tyler Clark Burke's latest get-rich-quick - or rather get-rich-very-slowly-or-not-at-all-with-convoluted-projects-that-help-others-more-than-herself - scheme, the Santa Cruz semi-celebrity/ semi-art/ semi-charity auction.

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I don't get it- the asia porn spam is pseudo punk sarcasm? It's very good if it was made by a human.

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