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Nobody Can Lift the Damn Thing


In the spirit of Dave Morris's admonition not to quit while we're ahead, I'm going to continue to link to worthy contributions to the taste/race debate. (I prefer not to call it "Merrittgate," catchy as that is, because it perpetuates the inappropriate ad-hominem element.) Living in Stereo's summation of how angry rejections of the possibility of interrogating taste are classic performances of white privilege is typically fierce, humane and precise. (And I'm humbly flattered that he chooses to quote me within it.) And David points me to a blog I've never read before but will now, Shot of Rhythm, where EMP participant Charles Hughes discusses some other aspects of Merritt's keynote speech that may be more worthy of unpacking than his quite brief mention of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (which was originally brought up by another panelist, LD Begthol, just as an example of a "happy" song Merritt likes) - specifically, his confusing remarks about gospel and catharsis, and his claim that people who have "sincere" responses to his own music (and say that he helped them come out of the closet, for example) make him want to puke. I respond to Charles in the comments to that entry. And finally, how the race-taste nexus plays out among voters for American Idol.

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You can please all of the people, all of the time.

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