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Post crashed. I hate it when this happens. I'll muster up the will to recreate it later, perhaps, but meanwhile: Victoriaville reports, anyone? Here are a couple to get you started. Wish I had gone: I flaked out on some off-Victo events this weekend, too. Simple explanation: It's actually May that is the cruellest month around here; you have to correct for climate. I did go to the Charlie McAlister show Friday night as promised; some elementary organizing errors saw him being thrown off the stage by the management of the club 15 minutes into his set, because it was 2:30 in the morning, by which point nearly all of the audience had also departed, and McAlister himself didn't seem very "on." It was worth the whole night to witness the return of Matt Smith's Nifty - just ridiculously, casually virtuosic in a ready-to-hand way, not that far in fact from what Matt's fellow ex-Mouche, Owen Pallett, achieves in Final Fantasy, but with a different sensibility. (And a similarly ungoogleable handle.) You?

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