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No, I'm not becoming a pod person, but will be coming at you via the old fashioned means of The People's Radio on Monday (Victoria Day) on The Arts Tonight. I'm on a panel hosted by Nora Young with Toby Black (ex-Maow guitarist now living in the T-dot) and Colin McKenzie (ex-Murderecords, ex-Cinnamon Toast, ex(?)-Perimeter Records, filmmaker and mensch in Montreal), talking about summer music and genre discrimination/guilty pleasures/rockism, and playing toonz. It's on at 10 pm (est) and lasts 35 minutes. Yeah, you'll be watching fireworks and getting schnockered. But now at least my mom knows.

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Hey, what about Toby? Maow were a great band. . . in their own way. Sometimes I wish Neko could inject a little more of Maow's joyful fun into her music. But her fans obviously dig the dour seriousness.

Anyway Carl, I'll be both schnockered AND listening tonight!

Posted by David on May 22, 2006 12:31 PM



Yes - Perimeter Records bit the bullet in 2000 and we all wandered in various directions, but what a time is was. Jerry Granelli, Rheostatics 'Harmelodia', the return of Mike O'Neill...
look forward to hearing you and Colin ...

Posted by Tom on May 21, 2006 7:27 AM




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