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Help Wanted: Jazz Edition! Plus Other Shit

With all the help that Erella and Chris have given me on the gig guide, I'd like to put out a call for one additional Zoilus squad member: Anyone interested in specifically helping out keep the jazz club listings up to date? (That is, the Tranzac, Arrayspace, the Red Guitar, Rex, Montreal Bistro, etc.?) They're a bit harder to track than most, and it would be a relief to the current listings team. This would take a couple of hours of niggling typing-and-formatting work some weeks - other weeks would be lighter. But it would help ensure that live jazz gets the exposure in the guide that it should. I'll get in touch with a few who volunteered in the last go round, but do email if you're fervently keen for this particular mission not-so-impossible.

Other notes for the day: RIP Grant McLennan of the Go-Betweens, who died this weekend, far too soon, in his late 40s. I always hoped to see the band play live, and I suppose now I never will.

A good interview with Scott Walker in The Guardian reminds that his new album The Drift is imminent; check out its elaborately beautiful website, complete with streaming odd-io.

Follow up all the fruitful links in this post by Drew LeDrew. (Not counting the one to Zoilus's EMP coverage, for which, my thanks.)

Final Fantasy fans might want to check out Corey Dargel, who perches somewhere in the musical universe between Owen and the Magnetic Fields and, no doubt not coincidentally, is touring with him in England this week. Bonus service: Corey will write a custom-made love song for "your significant other, son, daughter, sibling, celebrity crush, pet, or whomever else." The songs will be provided to you in completed and karaoke-ready versions, and also included on a planned 2008 album called Other People's Love Songs. Resemblances to Momus's Stars Forever project may or may not be deliberate, but they are delightful. The whole notion is such a neat, and profitable, rebuke to the self-expression model. Songwriters! Express other people's feelings!

Finally: The season finale of Veronica Mars - the show for which, far more than The Sopranos, I got digital cable - runs tomorrow. I am on tenterhooks: Even though this season was not as scorching as the first, the essential magic of the show is certainly intact. Fans or would-be fans, check out the heroic skywriting fan campaign being mounted to ensure that there is a Season 3.

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I'll keep it short, as I'm operating in the twilight zone between on and off topic: I felt a point was made in the dynamics leading from X's batman-villain monologue to his final reactions. As I see it, we were supposed to believe only for a short while that the X we knew was a camouflage for Smooth-Evil X, and than realize that Smooth-Evil-X is also a camouflage for Miserable-Fucked-Up-X.

I felt exactly the same about the dream sequence, though. To me it was the writer's promising that from them that they still think about the thematics of the premise, and not merely about using the fictional world that emerged from it to do whatever.

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I liked it a lot but strongly disliked a few things: Excess cartoon villainry in the scene on the roof, when the bad guy [for the sake of those who haven't seen it] should have been more emotionally unhinged and mixed-up; the lovers too giddily and unhesitantly reunited at the end; the fakeout w/Keith, which was gratuitous and never believable; the too-quick resolution w/Aaron. But lots of great moments, the first dream sequence especially, which I took as a sign of the show remembering (and maybe even acknowledging having neglected) its core theme of what happens to you, good and bad, when you're forced outside the mainstream.

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I have to ask, what did you make of the VM finale? I loved it, but opinions seem to differ.

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Sorry ... comment engine stripped the link. This should do it.

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I never thought of myself as a Go-Betweens fan, but the McLennan news hit me surprisingly hard. There's a good obit in the Independent here. Read it while you can, as I'm sure it'll disappear behind their paywall in a day or two.

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Yikes - i was just listening to an NPR intvu from last year where Terry Gross mistakenly said "McLellan" and now I've done the same.

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As much as I cursed them for not coming to T.O. on the post-comeback album tours, and even though the memory of the show is fuzzier than I'd like, I'm now eternally grateful for seeing Forster & McLellan at Ted's Wrecking Yard in '99.

A shame for any number of reasons, including the fact that while the first two comeback albums sounded like parts of their solo work fused together uneasily, the last one was completely seamless and stood alongside the canon.

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