by carl wilson

The Party of Special Things to Do


The camel wore a nightie...
At the party of special things to do
When the stiff wind blows
The flag don't wiggle
In the party of special things to do

Big doin's in the old town tonight, and thereafter: Tonight, you are already late for the Just School's Out! Marathon, featuring Alice Cooper squealing about teachers and dirty looks over and over again for charity. (See Zoiluses past on the Ace of Spades marathon.) That charity being the Regent Park School of Music, which is one of the city's best musical causes, even if it did take them weeks to pick up the piano we were donating to them last month, damn near preventing me from moving at all, and they only managed it when I actually arranged the movers myself. Despite all that, they remain a worthy cause!

I met the Ace of Love
She took me to her plantation
For love without separation
In the party of special things to do
It could happen to me
It could happen to you

Then tomorrow night, I recommend you while away your Friday night listening to Japanese noise in the Images Festival's event with the Ziggyesque title Some Cats from Japan, featuring the above-pictured Atsuhiro Ito playing the Optron, which "outputs amplified noise discharged by fluorescent lights." You know that uncomfortable feeling you get in unhealthy office buildings? Now you can pay to re-experience it as art! Along with Boredoms cohort Kanta Horio playing electromagnet and paper clips, and Taeji Sawai "with the use of bugs or effects like bugs produced by large amounts of high quality data." All curated by prominent Japanoise artist Aki Onda. Be there or be me, stuck home working hysterically on a Pop Conference paper.

I met the Ace of Love
She said I want you to go
To a party of special things to do
And when you're through
I'll be right here waiting for you
Here take these sparks
So that my distant cousins can get along with you
Watch out for the Mirror Man
And Elixir Sue

I also haven't had a chance yet to mention the new Brian Joseph Davis project, Yesterduh, ongoing at Mercer Union. Brian's latest brainstorm is to have his unwitting victims come into a specially constructed recording booth in the gallery, and sing Yesterday from memory - karaoke without the training wheels, as it were. "You will have a headset with a feed of an instrumental version of the song to assist with melody and timing. You will be paid $5 for a take. Please, NO PRACTICING." (Note: When you think about it, it's obvious that the feed actually does not assist, it just makes it more difficult by forcing you to keep in tune and in time or else.) It's a mash-up that happens only between you and the song, a remix created involuntarily by your brain. There's many a slip between the neuron and the lip. The results are to be compiled onto a CD with both individual and "choral" versions of the most-covered song in popular music history. The CD will be launched May 24 with entertainment curated by Vigilante Justice, the teen hungerforce (featuring members of Ninja High School and other bands) that performs early 90s techno classics a capella, which first assembled to play at my Tin Tin Tin series. Ah, incest, so romantic! I will report more on Yesterduh when I actually have subjected myself to its roboticized whim.

When I got to the party of special things to do it wasn't hard to find Elixir Sue. I met all the cards, the wild cards, the One-Eye Jills, the Red Queen. She turned her head, you know what I mean, she turned it back and said, "I got a brand new game I want to lay on you..."

Finally, a moment of silence for one of Toronto's very best bands, Lenin i Shumov, who perform what they claim will be their final show on Saturday, April 29, at Michael's, 566 Queen West. My horror at this news - especially given that the show takes place during the conference, so I will not even be in town! - is mitigated only by the fact that the chief Leninist, mad mindbomber Eugene Slonimerov, carries on his fever dreams in new "Afro-beat death-metal progressive rock" group Rozasia. You can currently hear a rough mix of their EP on their Myspace site.

I met them all
At the party of special things to do
When I was done
I was far from through
I returned to the Ace of Love
Now wouldn't you?

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I'll start rehearsing now..

"Scrambled eggs/baby how i love your legs.."

Posted by Bruce Mowat on April 27, 2006 8:48 AM



The title of "Yesterduh" is a mite sarcastic, but it's a very cool idea. Don't practice! (Though if you take the money, you can't play in the Olympics -- whoops, I mean under the old rules.)

Favorite mashup I've ever heard: a montage of all sorts of different people singing Mr. Rogers's theme song on NPR on the day he died. A reporter went out and recorded people singing the song in some big eastern American city and edited a complete take, and the mosaic of American voices -- old young black white rich poor -- singing such a lovely song with such love and happiness was a great tribute to that coolest of stars of the cool medium.

Posted by john on April 20, 2006 11:14 PM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson