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I forgot to link on the weekend to my piece from Friday's Globe and Mail - a contribution to the weekly "Essential Tracks" list, an all-Canadian one this time around with Toronto's Glissandro 70, John Millard and Alex Lukashevsky (the first solo outing from the leader of Deep Dark United), as well as Vancouver's Mecca Normal. All four of the albums these come from are standout records, but I want to mention the Lukashevsky disc in particular as one that shouldn't pass you by. I went for a more representative song, but my favourite track here is the cover of La donna mobile, the famous aria from Rigoletto done as it's never been done before. Like many covers on otherwise entirely self-penned albums, it can be taken as a sotto voce manifesto, in this case proclaiming both the grandeur and operatic absurdity Lukashevsky seeks via an economy of means, and the way the other songs may connect to the suspicion that "woman is fickle" and that the man who invests too much in romance becomes sad, mad and dangerous to know.

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Can't find any online samples, Sean, but I'll email you...

Posted by zoilus on April 18, 2006 9:59 PM



i saw this piece, carl. really interesting picks. any idea where i can hear from John Millard? your description entices.

i really wish I liked Glissandro 70 more. :(

Posted by Sean on April 18, 2006 6:15 PM




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