by carl wilson

Darling Buds of May

My arm hurts, which must mean I've just coded another month of the gig guide. But it hurts less than it used to, which must mean I have had help from Zoilusian special agents Erella and Chris. Thanks, guys. The preliminary May listings are up. There are some great events happening, covering the gamut from Willie Nelson to SUNN 0))), but I'm sure the list is missing plenty. Feel free to email or comment and tell us what to add. We always like to hear about our weird typos too. No, honestly.

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you can sign up for a contest to get on the guestlist at and if that fails i think you can line up before hand (reealllyy early but the weather's nice now) to get in too. that is, unless someone at dose wants to hook a brother up with some guestlist/press pass action? i know you're reading this; get at me.

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Graham --

is this dose show easy to get into or is it only for magazine/industry types?

Add-ons --

May 2nd, Two Gallants are playing the silver dollar.

May 3rd, Shoplifting dropped out. so now the show is only $5 and one local band will be added.


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De La Soul and Mike Relm are playing a free show at the Mod Club on May 10. It's some sort of 1st anniversary party for Dose.

Weird typo: May 19, the Islands/everyone show, Busdriver spells his name as one word.

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