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Live Music Report Report

Apparently it's been around since 2004, but I'd never seen this local site, The Live Music Report, until this morning when I heard it had a review of the David Rempis Percussion Quartet's guest appearance in the Leftover Daylight series on Friday, which I missed in order to catch They Shoot Horses Don't They and the video-game-music tribute show. Looks like a fine venue to help keep tabs on jazz, classical and world-music activities around town.

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Roger Humbert snuck up on me with a left field request for a bunch of free access passes to a VTO fest. Initially i was dismissive, until i realized that he and Joyce Corbett and David Fujino and their team of witnesses are tenderly tenacious in their attentive documentation.
They won me over - they are gentle giants.

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Shout-outs & 'nuff respect to Roger and the LMR! They'll be at Lula for the Bio Ritmo show.

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Live Music Report has a great photographer working for them.
Roger Humbert really has a knack for taking live photos despite having inconsistent lighting and other hazards to contend with. He isn't annoying at the concert, managing to be considerate to the audience and ends up with fantastic, expressive images.
I like to check out this site.


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Zoilus by Carl Wilson