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TV eye: Sonic Youth, Gilmore Girls, Joe Pernice.

This one is especially to irritate some of my TV-hating readers: First came the news that Toronto-resident singer, songwriter, novelist and poet Joe Pernice is making an appearance on The Gilmore Girls, which was using indie rock (and other obscurities such as Claudine Longet) as mood music long before The O.C. Pernice will be one of the guys-with-guitars auditioning to fill in for series regular Grant Lee Phillips (ex-Grant Lee Buffalo) as "town troubadour" while he goes off to open for Neil Young - a nice bit of wish-fulfillment-fantasy for Phillips, I'm sure. The show has used Pernice Bros. songs (Clear Spot, Weakest Shade of Blue) on its soundtrack before. Now, I hear that Sonic Youth is recording a track specifically for the same show - the season finale, May 9 - and that Sam Phillips (who does the main music for the show), Yo La Tengo and, weirdest of all, Sparks are all going to show up in the episode.

All of which pales beside the fact that Sebastian Bach (ex of Skid Row) is an ongoing character on the series, playing a burnout rock guitarist who joins Lane's high-school band because a real rock band would keep him away from his wife and baby too much, but still gives'er 200 percent at every gig. The guy ends being the soul of the band, ridiculonkly sweet-funny. You have to catch the scene earlier this year where he sings Hollaback Girl at a bat mitzvah.

Almost makes up for three-quarters of this season's storylines. Almost.

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Sorry, yes, I meant the main soundtrack music (aka the "la-la-la's") rather than the theme song.

This is one of the things about the self-proclaimed TV haters: A lot of them use sports to fill that watching-bright-colours-moving-back-and-forth, lizard-brain psychological need. But those of whose limbic systems flatline watching athletic endeavours need other trance-machine effects to soothe our sputtering neurons.

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Did you mean that Sam Phillips does the incidental background music? I was a little confused by the way you wrote that, because I believe it is Carol King and her daughter doing the theme song.
My household also have all the GG box sets, my wife is a huge fan but I also enjoy the show. I wouldn't say I am a tv-hater, but apart from this show and the Sopranos the only other things I watch on tv are hockey, baseball and premier league football. Unless my son is watching Treehouse, that is.

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whenever hipster friends come over and see the first four seasons of this show on my DVD shelf, i often feel like i have to justify my love for the gilmore girls. this ammunition helps somewhat, though i do think the show seriously fell off once rory went to university--when the mother/daughter relationship went from endearing and only slightly annoying to downright weird and clingy.
and while i liked the idea of town troubadour, i liked grant lee's scenes at town hall meetings better than his 10-second musical contributions. pernice is much better with the zinger one-liners for that format. and sebastian bach appears to be the best thing to happen to the series in season 4, which i've only just started watching--coz outside of this and the daily show, i'm a tv-hater too.

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