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Hungry Like the Lynx

Belatedly discovered: An online "punkcast" of the panel last month on postpunk, with Rip It Up & Start Again author Simon Reynolds, Connie 'China' Burg (Mars), Steven Daly (Orange Juice), Vivien Goldman, and James Chance (James White & The Blacks). It occurs to me that what I'd like to see is a discussion between Simon and Michael Azerrad, who wrote the other post-punk book, Our Band Could Be Your Life, though I'm not sure if he even uses the term post-punk. Each of them barely touch the material the other does, but they're two parts of the same old glory, no? One the art-punk and new-pop scene in the UK and east-coast U.S. (from PiL to the Mekons to the Art of Noise), the other the hardcore-and-artcore underground in the U.S. (from Black Flag to Beat Happening). They're not the only books, but right now they're the two mains; you'd perhaps have to add Clinton Heylin's From the Velvets to the Voidoids, which deals with the fact that post-punk actually began pre-punk. (Later: Of related interest: Glenn Branca talks about the no-wave era and other things. He blames Brian Eno for wrecking everything.)

Boldtype praises our dear Ticknor for being "as dense and textured as a truffle ... adding an unforgettable new antihero to the Pantheon of the Misbegotten." Out now from Farrar Straus & Giroux.

David Cantwell, a friend and one of Zoilus' favourite U.S. music writers, especially on country and soul and their intersections, has a very snazzy lookin' new blog indeed, flying the banner of Living In Stereo. It's partially an incubator for thoughts related to David's upcoming book about the Nashville Sound, but also excurses out into pop, hip-hop and politics of the present day. Warning, he's, like, a total commie.

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