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Pardon my vanishing act. I have been consorting with showgirls in Vegas.... if by consorting, one means walking past them in casinos. I didn't mean to be absent so long, but the Internet connection in my bargoon hotel room was - what's that word? oh yes - fucked. Regular programming will resume this weekend, a weekend that features such events as the Destroyer show at Lee's Palace, the Magik Markers show at the Oasis (ah, the Oasis, that brings me back - Frankie, Sammy, Dean...), both Saturday, and the Henry Kaiser/Lukas Ligeti/CCMC concert at the Music Gallery on Sunday. See youse theres?

Oh, by the way: Vegas? Awfullest place I've ever been. (Sheltered, obviously.) The Celine show seemed positively benign by comparison. Now I must go download Veronica Mars.

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Thank you

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I'll stand up for Kensington Market, and I live in Burlington.

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I don't usually defend gamblers, but now my back is up. (On behalf of the Lebanese Akram, the Korean Ping and the Caucasian Bruce - none of whom dress like 1985 punkers, although Bruce was a punk rocker circa 1979 and used to come downtown from Etobicoke to get himself beat up - Kensington Market has never been so insulted in all its life!)

Ahem. To be profligate is not necessarily to be depressing. Gambling is only depressing for corpses.

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Just curious, Yan, do you live in town, and if so for how long? Because I suspect nobody would have seen Kensington so monolithically till quite recently. It's really way way more diverse than that, though it is getting much more fauxhemian-boutiquey. Still, when a friend from Montreal (who's by no means a punk-posing teen) visited recently and we strolled down to Kensington one night, it took him about three seconds to say, "Wow, if I moved to Toronto, this is where I'd live." The streets there just have some inherent electricity.

David - Yeah, VM hasn't been quite the same this year. But Kirsten Bell and Enrico Colatani, to name just two, are still so very, very good that I won't give up anytime soon. Bell astonishes me nearly every minute she's on-screen.

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I'd go back to Vegas in a second. It's just plain silly fun. But am I the only one who thinks Veronica Mars is losing its way? There've been some questionable episodes this season that cause me concern for its creative future.

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I'll admit watching people gambling is depressing. I imagine participating is depressing too, but I didn't spend much time in casinos. The architecture is delightful. Fake Venice, for crap's sake! Fake Venice is so much better than real Detroit--or real Toronto. Fake NYC's two bit, prefab, seemless artificiality has so much more soul than real NYC. There are freaking Roman Centurian's and animatronic gladiators and artificial skies in the mall! Signifier Schmignifier--it's just wicked cool.

As for Kensington, it does have good grocery shopping. But an entire district of white teenagers dressed like 1985's idea of "punk rock" is not my idea of a good time.

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Sorry, Sixeyes. I like (some) radio, too. I guess I'm just a hopeless slave of my corporate masters. Or else maybe things aren't that black and white? Nah, couldn't be.

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you people watch TV!? how sad... i wasted hours, or was it years, watching the crap foisted upon the viewers. Come on, watching the tube is like listening to the radio... turn the f**ing thing off.

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The sight of economically-lower-class people morosely/manically giving their money away to rich people at the slot machines *is* depressing. But I love the Sphinx! (I just flew through LV and saw the Sphinx from the airport. It's better preserved than the one just outside Cairo, which has a Pizza Hut across the street from it.)

It's too bad you didn't rent a car and get outside of town a bit. Hoover Dam looks like an evil, grand palace. The desert is magnificent.

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Will no one else stand up up for Kensington Market, Toronto's best place?

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or, rather, matrices...

also, carl, i'm "organizing" a little informal discussion about torontopia, tentatively scheduled for april 7th before the shows (they shoot horses, video game night). it'll be more of an informal discussion over beers/teas. hopefully you can make it out. there's more on my blog about this...i'll disaptch an email to your g&m; account soonish.

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Vegas is worthwhile for its sheer oversaturation of signifiers ... there is just way too much going on, that your brain cannot even quie comprehend it and especially the allusory matrix that it opens up onto. it's even more of a simulacrum than disneyland.

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If you've ever read art critic/culture commentator Dave Hickey's AIR GUITAR (and you should, it's terrific), he has a pretty good essay in it defending Vegas and why he lives there. Personally I had a hard time believing the whole place was real - maybe it was the row of slot machines with people playing every single one at 9 in the morning I saw in a drugstore near the Liberace museum. You just don't see that at too many Shopper's Drug Marts.

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Of course, I can see the flip side - thus "awfullest," not exactly a gravely serious adjective. Still, for banal reasons of trip hassles and solitude, my general mood there ended up being totally ill-suited to being at the neon-capitalism amusement park. Especially because I really don't gamble. So instead of the hilarity and delight, which I could see just around the emotional corner, I instead got smacked by the nihilism and rapaciousness and humanity-as-processed-meat aspect of it and kept retreating to my hotel room to watch movies. But I'd consider going back, in better humoured company.

But hey, lay off Kensington Market!

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Oh, no, it's awful. I like to think I have a pretty healthy sense of humour, and I have a huge, huge affection for what Jonathan Franzen called "the sturdy mediocrity of American commerce" (I know that sounds condescending, but it isn't meant to be, at least not for me) but at bottom I just found Vegas weirdly depressing. I'm with Carl.

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The awfullest place? Seriously? You've never been to Scarborough? Or Kensington market? Really, that 's as silly as calling Honest Ed's "awful." It is, but only someone with no sense of humor can't be charmed by it. Vegas IS awful, but it's also literally marvel-lous, absurd, hilarious, and delightful.

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happiness is having a 13-hour flight ahead of you and knowing that you have two episodes of Veronica Mars on your laptop to keep you company.

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