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I direct your attention to Kevin Hainey's interview with Toronto kalimba-playing fantastical songcrafter and longtime Zoilus musical crush Laura Barrett in this week's Eye. If the notion of a Joanna Newsom with a less divisive voice, an imagery based more in animation and video games than in classical fantasy, and a much more miniature kind of harp appeals to you, check Laura out. (Though I can't wait for Newsom's new album either.) The interview also touches on some recent subjects of debate, although it skirts too close too close for my tastes to the gobbledygook swamps of self-expression along the way. ("Pure creative release?" Yuck - who will mop up?)

In the same issue, Denise Benson's interview with Ghislain Poirier is also worth note, as is Dave Morris's ever-useful Totally Wired.

(Searching for images of Laura, by the way - the one from Eye is above - I began to wonder if parents now consider Googlability when they name their kids. Laura Barrett is not easy to find, but the photographer, Alyssa Bistonath, pops up instantly. It's the first decent rationale ever for those obnoxiously "unique" names and altered spellings. But you could say you do them as much of a favour by providing data-camouflage - if they want to be a high-visibility target, they can always take on some obscure nickname, like Zoilus or something.)

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson