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I'm looking for a new apartment. I'd greatly appreciate any leads on an attractive two-bedroom or large one-bedroom (or loft/studio equivalent) anywhere in the range between Harbord and King, north-south, and east-west between Bathurst and Dufferin (or small distances beyond). I am neither rich nor poor, am fond of hardwood floors and high ceilings (my tastes were nurtured in Montreal, which makes Toronto house-hunting painful), and have to house a lot of books and CDs and files. Must move April 1, and am searching intensively this week. Thanks in advance for your tips.

This pressing need is, by the way, the reason that I haven't yet gotten back to the Zoilus volunteer squad yet. Will do so very soon, my apologies.

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Hey Carl,
Check to see if there are any rental apts in my building - although its mostly condo owners but perhaps the high ceilings and 9x9 windows would appeal...sounds like it might but not sure what's available, the place across the way from me just got rented this month.
Trinity Park Lofts across from Trinity Bellwoods park... I'll keep my eyes peeled though.

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hey zoilus - my BF and I are currently also hunting for a similar apt in that same area - let the competition begin!! Okay, okay, we are really looking for May 1. If something doesn't quite fit our needs (we probably require more bike storage than you)and its available April 1 I'll pass on the info to you. If you hear of a neat place for May 1 then maybe you'll do the same? Deal?

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