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Tonight and the Future (Coming at you at 78 RPM!)

Colonel Tom Parker.

Some splendid local events, including one I meant to mention earlier - because it's right now, more or less. (Sorry!) But if you got there in the next hour or so, I bet it'd still be worthwhile.

Colonel Tom Parker (of the Backstabbers) & Miss Alex Pangman (of Alex Pangman), 78 rpm Record Release Party. Tues. Feb. 28, 7 pm–9 pm, The Cameron House, 408 Queen Street West. Live music, plus DJ Giv’er spins vintage country and jazz 78’s. Proceeds go to New Orleans Habitat for Humanity Musicians Village Project!. (More details on the jump.)

Also tonight, the massive noise jam at the Drake - see "This Week's Top Shows" sidebar.

And much more to come in future about the site-specific music festival Soundaxis, June 1-11, with its ice-cold-cool slogan "architecture, music, acoustics," and smuggled-into-the-name inspiration from Iannis Xenakis.

Finally, Indiepolitik is planning to follow up its smash "Just Ace of Spades" and "Just Bohemian Rhapsody" charity events with a nation-wide (and why stop there?) "Just" Marathon, song(s?) to be announced, on Thursday, April 20.

Press release bumpf

This coming Mardi Gras (Tuesday February 28) there will be a special fundraising event in Toronto as “Colonel” Tom Parker (leader of local roots upstarts The Backstabbers) and Miss Alex Pangman (she of trad jazz combo Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats) team up to release their brand new 78 rpm recording in support of displaced New Orleans musicians.

Yep. A 78 rpm record. The last time these records were commercially available was before either of these singers was born! Pangman performs the A-side and Parker takes the B-side on a song called “The Dead Drunk Blues”. Same song, two very different styles. Pangman’s backing band the Royal Jelly Orchestra starts with a traditional New Orleans funeral march (trumpeted in by New Orleans’ native Kevin Clark) then goes uptempo 1920’s jazz, while Parker’s Swinging Door band plays it old-school country-swing on the flipside.

The inspiration for this song (written by Parker) came from a visit to New Orleans last March by this music-making couple. Smitten with each other and with this great city, the two came up with the idea to record the song and release it on the 78rpm format (they are both avid collectors of 78 country and jazz recordings). The tune was recorded in Toronto, pressed in Nashville, and will now be available as a limited edition single (with special sleeve art by designer Stacey Case), with proceeds going to the New Orleans Habitat for Humanity Musicians Village Project.

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Same song in every city?

Posted by Luisa Irene on March 2, 2006 5:17 PM



Hmmm... Maybe I should have said that nobody can seem to agree on a single song that works for everyone, out of our range of decent choices. Rest assured that we haven't just got a list of lousy songs that nobody's going to like.

Posted by Matt on March 1, 2006 4:29 PM



Thanks as always, Carl! We are planning on doing one song across the board, but nobody can seem to agree on a good one. We may well end up announcing a list of our favourite options and inviting people to vote.

Posted by Matt on March 1, 2006 4:26 PM



hi there, and thanks for the tip off on 78 rpm.

I recognized Colonel Tom from university days......15 years ago! least 15!!!!

cheers from vancouver!

Posted by knitgirl on March 1, 2006 11:46 AM




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